Business Law Services

The purchase or sale of a business can have significant risks and complications. We provide business-oriented legal services to entrepreneurs, owner-operators, and small corporations. We can help you protect your interests from unknown and contingent liabilities.

Buying a Business

Upon deciding which business you would like to buy, it is crucial to consider the costs. We recommend you pay close attention to what you can afford, be mindful to take into consideration any hidden costs you may have. The drafting of the business purchase Agreement will also help you to understand what it is that you are buying. After you have made your financial decisions, get a business lawyer to draft the Agreement for buying the business and to close your business purchase transaction, this ensures that you get what you are supposed to get.

Selling a Business

Make the decision to sell your business a careful and well-informed decision by understanding all aspects of the process. The first step in selling your business is understanding how much your business is worth. You can determine the price of your business by asking prices for similar businesses or you can obtain a professional valuation. Ensure that your business is ready for sale; consider maintenance, the business processes, and financial records. Ensuring your business is ready for sale before putting it on the market reduces complications during the transaction itself. After ensuring that your business is ready for sale, retain a lawyer to draft business sale agreement and other closing documentation to close your business sale transaction.

We can Assist with:

  • Share Purchase and Sale Transactions
  • Asset Purchase and Sale Transactions
  • Preparing share or asset purchase & sale agreements
  • Lease Agreements, Lease review and assignments
  • Financing & security agreements
  • Determining buyer/seller consideration & liability issues
  • Reviewing contracts & obligations of the business
  • Incorporations including Numbered and Named Corporations,Professional Corporations, Holding Corporation Freezes and Minute Books.

If you require legal advice, please contact our office and we will be pleased to assist you.