Wills And Estates Law

It is a hard truth, but if you pass away without a Will, Alberta law dictates who will administer your estate.

Their scheme of distribution may drastically vary from what you would choose. The absence of a Will or other estate planning may result in unnecessary legal costs and increased family concerns.

A Will and associated estate planning provides you an opportunity to organize your dealings in a manner that you prefer. Give yourself the peace of mind and security in knowing that your estate plan is in good order, and that you have made the effort to preserve and protect your assets.

We place emphasis on achieving your individual goals!

We can Assist with:

  • Will Preparation/ Estate Planning
    A Will is a document which designates how your financial assets are to be distributed. You can add a personal representative into your Will that will represent your estate after your death and act according to your Will. You may also add a guardian for any minor children added in your Will.
  • Personal Directive
    A Personal Directive gives an individual the right to make decisions about your medical and personal care if you lose mental capacity. Mental incapacity is not limited to mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, accident resulting in brain damage or coma, or a stroke may cause mental incapacity similarly.
  • Powers of Attorney/ Enduring Power of Attorney
    Power of attorney appoints an individual to make financial decisions and asset decisions for you if you become mentally incapacitated.

If you require legal advice, please contact our office and we will be pleased to assist you.