Helping You Understand Child Support

Child support is an acknowledgment of the financial obligations that parents have toward their children. It is the right of the children to be financially supported by their parents. Both the federal and provincial governments have released child support guidelines, based on how much child support is to be paid. Child support is a necessary part of the process when parents separate.

Narang Law understands the factors that must be taken into consideration when calculating child support payments. Whether the factors are financial or personal, we will take all necessary issues into consideration and aim to negotiate a fair payment schedule to benefit your children.

We Ensure The Best Interests Of Your Child Are Paramount

Our approach is based on keeping family relations harmonious and ensuring fairness during the negotiation process. The rights and best interests of the child will always be our first consideration when negotiating support payments. We also ensure that parents feel they were fairly represented and treated well during the process.

Child Support Claims In Alberta

Calculation of child support is no easy matter. Standard child support claims follow the guidelines but such payments also depend on custody arrangements. In other words, child support payments may not strictly adhere to the guidelines. Our Calgary lawyer knows when and under which circumstances they will vary. We understand the technicalities that go into the calculations of these payments.

Some of these technicalities include:

  • The income of both parents
  • The residence of the children
  • The custody arrangement
  • Whether there are special expenses
  • Whether undue hardship is claimed

We will ensure that all factors are properly assessed to negotiate reasonable support payments to benefit your children.

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