Equitable Division of Matrimonial Property in Alberta

When spouses decide to divorce, they are obligated under the Matrimonial Property Act of Alberta to divide their property equitably. That may sound simple, but dividing all the common property the spouses accumulated equally can turn out to be a tough and stressful process.

We understand that going through legal processes after a separation is difficult. Our lawyer will help steer you through the complex property division process and provide you with solutions. We will address your concerns while ensuring that the division process is handled fairly and competently.

Rely On Our Guidance

Narang Law's approach to matrimonial property division is to put our best foot forward. When you come to our Calgary office, you can expect us to listen closely to your concerns, provide analysis, give you options and resolve the issues. Your matter will be handled with care and attention to facts and detail. We leave no facet of the case unattended.

Accordingly, we ensure all common property will be accurately itemized to get you a fair division of property. Such property includes:

  • The family home
  • Pensions and RRSP's
  • Bank accounts
  • Cars
  • Investments
  • Furniture
  • Jewelery

We will ensure that all assets and liabilities, and all factual circumstances of your case, are properly documented. We will guide you to a fair and equitable settlement.

Exceptions To The Rule

Certain property is exempted from the mandatory division of property rules. We have the knowledge to distinguish what properties are included and which are excluded. We also have the experience and skill to ensure that you get your fair entitlement to eligible property.

There is no presumption of matrimonial division of property for common law couples in Alberta. Common law spouses who seek to have equitable division of property often have to go to court to file for unjust enrichment. Our office can help with your claim.

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