Negotiating A Fair Spousal Support Settlement

Spousal support is a payment ordered for the spouse with less means. It is discretionary and looks at many different factors to determine the amount of entitlement. While the government regulates child support, spousal support is not regulated. This can make it more difficult to get a settlement that both spouses find equitable. Spousal support can become an issue of contention between separating spouses, due to its discretionary nature.

Narang Law aims to steer the parties away from having it become a contentious issue by providing proper analysis of the issues. When you come to our Calgary office, we ensure we have the most current laws, guidelines and software to calculate a reasonable settlement. We understand the complexities of support payment calculations. We perform the analysis required to get it done right, and negotiate a fair settlement for you.

We Help You Navigate The Complexities Of A Claim

When it comes to spousal support, it is not enough to run the numbers. Given the number of issues that have to be factored into calculations, proper collection and examination of all information is needed to make an accurate determination.

Our lawyer comprehends the complexities of spousal support claims. Every issue gets personal attention when determining the amount of entitlement. We take into consideration:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Income of the spouses
  • Whether the couple had children
  • Assets and liabilities of the parties
  • Living standards of the parties
  • Whether a compensatory claim can be made

We also take into account extenuating circumstances, such as illness and prior support obligations. Without a proper analysis of these and other factors, negotiating a proper settlement cannot be accomplished. Through thorough information gathering and analysis, we avoid the pitfalls.

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