Separation Agreements Done The Right Way

Numerous couples who decide to go their separate ways enter into separation agreements. These are provisional agreements that settle matters such as spousal support, care and support of the children and property division. Such agreements are drawn up during the one-year mandatory period of separation before a couple can file for divorce.

This can be considered a method of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Narang Family lawyers can help clients in drawing up a properly prepared legal separation agreement in Calgary. Our office understands the nature of a relationship breakdown and the difficult issues couples face when deciding to settle matters between themselves. We understand that coming to a consensus on these matters can be difficult, and we are here to guide you and ensure the proper process is followed.

We Ensure Your Agreement Is Valid

Narang Law makes sure that every element required to make a legally valid agreement is met. A separation agreement is a contract, which has to follow strict legal rules to be considered binding. In addition, family law rules and informational requirements also need to be considered when preparing such an agreement.

Separation agreements must accurately include information on:

  • Personal income
  • Personal and real property
  • Bank accounts
  • Assets and liabilities
  • Foreign properties

A lack of proper or full disclosure of an individual's financial situation can invalidate a separation agreement. We can help you avoid the hazards that can lead to an invalid agreement.

We Ensure The Agreement Is Handled With Care

Separation agreements are important contracts between couples, because they include custody and parenting arrangements in the agreement. Typical arrangements in regard to children include:

  • With whom the children will live
  • Who will have primary support of the children
  • Child support payments
  • How frequently a parent has access to the children

Narang Law will help clients settle these difficult matters in a fair, sensitive and efficient manner.

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